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Project: Project Outsourcing

Client: American Association of Museums

In the past, our client had internally produced its biennial Guide to Gift Giving. As the book grew to over 200 museums (submitting information that needed to be coordinated, edited, proofed, approved by each museum, laid out for printing and the web), the project became overwhelming for existing association staff.

AAM outsourced the entire project to Anas Creative. We provided:
• A Project Coordinator who tracked each museum’s submission and approval;
• An Editor who edited the submitted text for each museum;
• A Designer who laid out each ad;
• A Webmaster who translated the print version of each museum submission for the web, with an online engine to search museums by name, city, state and type.

Client Quote:
“Anas Creative took a large project off our hands and did a great job. They were attentive to detail and very courteous working with over 200 museums from across the USA.”

Danette Sokacich
American Association of Museums